Effective August 31, 2017 Shadow Fax has merged with Rhyme.

"We chose Rhyme to merge with because we’ve had a great relationship with them and trust them, said Tim Meixelsperger (President, Shadow Fax). They’ve been in business for 72 years and they’re a family owned organization that puts customer needs above everything else, just like we’ve always strived to do."

There are no changes with regard to the services we provide with the exception of the fact that we’ll be able to offer you more support than ever before, which we’re excited about. Call toll free at 1-800-362-4333 for anything you need.

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Service & Sales Center

Brother, HP, OKI & Xerox Service & Sales Center

Rhyme is an Authorized Service/Repair, Supplies and Sales Center for BrotherHewlett-Packard (HP)OKI & Xerox.

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BBB Accredited Business - A+ Rating


Brother Service & Repair

Rhyme a service partner with Brother.  Rhyme's Service Department has the expertise to effectively diagnose and repair issues with virtually every Brother make and model.  Rhyme's service technicians are the printer, plotter, copier, fax machine and multifunction (MFP/MFC) repair specialists with extensive training on the office equipment we sell and supply.  

Rhyme understands that you'll need a dependable, reliable and knowledgeable partner to keep everything running smoothly and minimize costly downtime.  That's what you get when you partner with Rhyme's Service Department which has serviced and repaired over 100,000 office machines.  With Rhyme & Brother you can expect to print more and pay less!

Brother Authoirzed Warranty Service Center

  • PrinterCopierFax MachinePlotter MFP/MFC Service.
  • Blank pages/copies, jamming, poor print quality, clogged printheads or pressing buttons and nothing happens? – Rhyme Service Can Fix That!
  • Low Hourly Rates – No Contract Required.
  • Quick Response Time – Same-Day Emergency Service Available.
  • Certified Warranty Service Authorization for Brother.
  • Knowledgeable Staff – Talk to a Live Person to Answer Your Questions.
  • Product Inspections – Have an Expert Technician Evaluate Your Current Office Hardware.
  • Flexible Service Options – Customized Service Strategies to Best Fit Your Needs.
  • Product Setups – Let Rhyme's Service Department Handle the Installation of Your New Hardware.
  • A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating.

Call Rhyme Today 1-800-362-4333

Rhyme Repairs Brother HL Printers, Brother DCP & MFC Multifunction Devices & Brother IntelliFAX Fax Machines

Brother HL Series

  • Brother HL-2140
  • Brother HL-2170
  • Brother HL-2460
  • Brother HL-3070
  • Brother HL-3170
  • Brother HL-4040
  • Brother HL-4070
  • Brother HL-4150
  • Brother HL-4570
  • Brother HL-5170
  • Brother HL-L5200
  • Brother HL-5240
  • Brother HL-5250
  • Brother HL-5340
  • Brother HL-5370
  • Brother HL-5450
  • Brother HL-5470
  • Brother HL-6180
  • Brother HL-L6200
  • Brother HL-L6250
  • Brother HL-L6400
  • Brother HL-7050
  • Brother HL-L8250
  • Brother HL-L8350
  • Brother HL-L9200
  • Brother HL-L9310

Brother IntelliFAX Series

  • Brother IntelliFAX-2820
  • Brother IntelliFAX-2840
  • Brother IntelliFAX-2920
  • Brother IntelliFAX-2940
  • Brother IntelliFAX-4100
  • Brother IntelliFAX-4100e
  • Brother IntelliFAX-4750
  • Brother IntelliFAX-4750e
  • Brother IntelliFAX-5750
  • Brother IntelliFAX-5750e

*Do you have a Printer, Copier, MFP/MFC, Fax Machine or Plotter that you don't see on this page?  Chances are Rhyme's Service Department can help!

Brother MFC Series

  • Brother DCP-8060
  • Brother DCP-8085
  • Brother DCP-8155
  • Brother MFC-L6750
  • Brother MFC-6800
  • Brother MFC-L6800
  • Brother MFC-L6900
  • Brother MFC-7340
  • Brother MFC-7360
  • Brother MFC-7460
  • Brother MFC-7860
  • Brother MFC-7860
  • Brother MFC-8220
  • Brother MFC-8460
  • Brother MFC-8480
  • Brother MFC-8500
  • Brother MFC-L8600
  • Brother MFC-8710
  • Brother MFC-L8850
  • Brother MFC-8860
  • Brother MFC-8890
  • Brother MFC-8910
  • Brother MFC-8950
  • Brother MFC-9010
  • Brother MFC-9120
  • Brother MFC-9130
  • Brother MFC-9200
  • Brother MFC-9320
  • Brother MFC-9325
  • Brother MFC-9330
  • Brother MFC-9340
  • Brother MFC-9420
  • Brother MFC-9440
  • Brother MFC-9450
  • Brother MFC-9460
  • Brother MFC-L9550
  • Brother MFC-9560
  • Brother MFC-L9570
  • Brother MFC-9700
  • Brother MFC-9800
  • Brother MFC-9840
  • Brother MFC-9970