Effective August 31, 2017 Shadow Fax has merged with Rhyme.

"We chose Rhyme to merge with because we’ve had a great relationship with them and trust them, said Tim Meixelsperger (President, Shadow Fax). They’ve been in business for 72 years and they’re a family owned organization that puts customer needs above everything else, just like we’ve always strived to do."

There are no changes with regard to the services we provide with the exception of the fact that we’ll be able to offer you more support than ever before, which we’re excited about. Call toll free at 1-800-362-4333 for anything you need.

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Service & Sales Center

Brother, HP, OKI & Xerox Service & Sales Center

Rhyme is an Authorized Service/Repair, Supplies and Sales Center for BrotherHewlett-Packard (HP)OKI & Xerox.

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FREE Service Tips

FREE Service Tips

You can’t print, fax, copy or scan – what next?  Rhyme has some helpful tips to get you back to business while saving you money.  

  1. Sounds obvious, but has the electrical outlet been checked?  If you have a surge protector, is the light on?  Surge protectors can cause problems especially with multifunction units.  Plug another item such as a desktop calculator into the outlet or protector to make sure things are working properly.
  2. If your equipment is connected to a network, check to see if you can make a copy, fax or scan manually by pressing the buttons located directly on the unit.  If these functions work manually, the problem is likely within the network connection, not the hardware. Check with your network administrator regarding a possible change to the network such as the addition of new software or a system upgrade.
  3. Unable to print? Make sure you are using the correct driver for your machine. The manufacturer’s website is a great location for downloadable drivers, updates and product manuals.
  4. If you are unable to print, copy or fax check for an empty supply item (toner, drum, etc.), or whether the product is out of paper.  Repetitive image defects or a squeaking noise could mean a replacement toner cartridge is needed.  Double-check your machine's density setting if you're still having print quality issues.
  5. Take a look at the operation panel on your machine for any unfamiliar lights that may be on or off.  Record any letters or numbers being displayed on the operation panel before calling for service.  Consult your owner’s manual which is typically downloadable from the manufacturer’s website.
  6. Before removing any paper jams, check your owner’s manual.  Using the proper procedures when removing a jam can save you the cost of a service call.  
  7. Your equipment will perform its best by keeping it clean, away from direct sunlight, heating and air conditioning systems.  Allow room for ventilation of the equipment’s cooling fan(s).
  8. When in doubt, reset your equipment. Turn off the device, and then unplug it. Count to ten, plug it back in, turn it on, and the problem may resolve itself.
  9. For fast service, always keep the contact information for Rhyme’s service department close to the product.